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One Day

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He grew up just outside of New York City, is white, and is Jewish. No one would have thought twice that his bearded man wearing a kippah would ever produce the sound that he does. Matisayahu, born Matthew Paul Miller, is one of the foremost names in reggae music nowadays and produces some of the most heartfelt songs of our generation. “One Day” is the most shining example of this.

The lyrics of this song are so meaningful, especially during a time of uncertainty in the Middle East and conflict all over the world. Matisyahu puts together words that hope for world peace, ending world hunger, and human freedom. “One Day” is inspirational in that when reading the lyrics outside of the song itself it reads like a prayer from the artist. Matisyahu doesn’t stop at praying for others though, he thanks a nameless entity for his life and what it has brought him. This is such a smart move by an admittedly religious man. He doesn’t alienate any religious group in a song that is preaching oneness. It is vaguely reminiscent of something reggae legend Bob Marley would have written.

This isn’t the first of Matisyahu’s uplifting tunes. He has whole string of them. One of his more militant sounding songs, “Youth,” off of the album of the same name pushes for children to make something of themselves and not allow society to dictate who they are and who they will be. There’s something to be said for artists who do everything they can to make an honest push for a better tomorrow. Matisyahu glorifies nothing other than a world where peace is the ultimate goal. Too often today hip-hop and reggae glorify a world of guns, women, and drugs. This artist does his job for the betterment of society, which makes giving him at least a quick listen all the more important.

By: Mitch Inkrott