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At the age of 19, John Mayer was attending the world renowned University of Berkley in Boston, Massachusetts. While working on his 1999 demo, ‘Inside Wants Out’ with then roommate Clay Cooke, John sited that he wanted to write a song that would turn heads and that nobody else could play. Lifting the style of playing a walking bass line over the lead from jazz artist Charlie Hunter, Mayer and Cook collaborated to write ‘Neon’.

This version of the song is sure to impress any guitar player. ‘Neon’ is the opening track of his live album ‘Where the Light Is”. During this set, Mayer wanted to encompass all 3 of his personas by playing a full set acoustic, with the John Mayer Trio, and with his band. He attempted to create the feeling that the crowd was seeing 3 completely separate performances.

Mayer’s former roommate Clay Cooke is credited for writing, producing, and playing on several songs from the “Inside Wants Out” demo. He then left to pursue his own career as a solo artist before joining the Zac Brown Band.