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Song: Naive
Band: The Rentals
Album: Return of the Rentals (1995)

Between the release of The Blue Album and Pinkerton,  Matt Sharp, the bassist for Weezer, struck off on his own and formed The Rentals.   Heavily influenced by  Moog synthesizers, their debut album, ironically titled Return of the Rentals, is a catchy pop masterpiece.   Matt’s involvement with the band and it’s small time success probably helped lead to his ouster as part of Weezer.  Some would argue that since he quit or got kicked out, Weezer has been a pale imitation of  their early selves.

Naive recounts a situation that most people have experienced at least once.  In it, Matt is coming to terms with the end of a relationship and how the dynamics between he and his ex have changed.  They’re acting foolish when they run into each other and he’s not used to it taking forever for her to return his calls.   He even begins to second guess how he acted and what he said.  In short, he’s created a wonderful song documenting the break up thought process.  What could have I done differently?  Maybe (s)he will change his/her mind?  Could it have been different if I would have lied instead of telling the truth?