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Touch Me I Am Going To Scream pt 2

Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day comes from My Morning Jacket’s album ‘Evil Urges’ and is titled Touch Me I Am Going To Scream pt 2. My Morning Jacket can take on numerous different genre incarnations, which they all do pretty darn well, and this is indeed a reason why so many people are drawn to their music and live shows alike. This song is one is which they access both their disco and pyschy side to create a wonderfully smooth – yet quite energetic – electrorock song. Pay attention to the verbed guitar strumming that cascades through the speakers while the beat just keeps pushing forward. There is even one point in which you think the song might be fading out, only to have a Pink Floyd’esq guitar sound out and the beat to return in full immediately.

This is a song which is a true crowd pleaser at their live shows, but it just as wonderful in your car or at home with the subwoofer turned up. It’s indeed a great song to get your weekend started. Happy Thursday everyone!