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As most of you know, Moby is a pretty renowned music artist collaborating with Gwen Stefani in the ’90s or more recently doing the main score for the Bourne movies. However, while Moby was going to school at the University of Connecticut and playing in different bands, he was also a DJ performing at many popular east coast clubs like the Trabadour. Therefore, in the spirit of Moby doing a DJ set at this year’s North Coast Music Festival I figured why not highlight that side of Moby a little bit? I know for me personally, I did not know he did DJ work so I was actually a little bit curious to see what he is like.

From what I had read, Moby mostly does house, dance, and electronic type of stuff when he DJs so when I listened I only would recognize some of the songs. The video I have for you guys is professionally done with multiple cameras so in some shots you can actually see what he is doing and along with all of his equipment, which is kind of cool. Also, with DJ sets I think it is important to listen to a little more than just a typical song for band. There are a lot of subtle things going on with the looping and fading different things in and out so this video is a little bit longer. The nice thing though, is if you are into the set or this type of music, the main comment on the Youtube page has the set list so you can follow.

Remember, that this year’s North Coast Music Festival runs from September 3-5. For more information, visit:

Written by:
Michael Schmidt