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Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

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Clothing from the era has been revived, songs have been sampled from the era, and hip hop music has made African Americans a strong presence in the music world. So this begs the question, when will we see a Motown revival? Well, if it’s up to Mayer Hawthorne it will be sooner rather than later.

With “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” the 30 year old singer/songwriter/producer/DJ/everythinginmusic has a bona fide single to a great record titled A Strange Arrangement which came out in September of 2009. His voice, which he pushes to a key that is just out of his range much like all of Motown, is as smooth as any member of Hitsville USA could have dreamed of. His use of brass instruments, vocal harmony, and modern day percussion make Mayer Hawthorne the heir to Berry Gordy’s throne.

Even the lyrical composition of this song is Motown through and through. First and foremost he talks about love, but more importantly he talks about heartbreak. He also has another key component, confidence in himself, which was big in the Motown movement. He also keeps it classy by not putting the girl down, he casually lets the girl down, unlike most of today’s music which is all about putting the other person down to make oneself feel/look better. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of A Strange Arrangement and see why Mr. Hawthorne is about to take the music world by storm.