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Man Overboard

Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

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Artist: Man Overboard
Album: Hung Up On Nothing EP (Out of Print) Now available on Before We Met: A Collection of Old Songs
Song: Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

Today’s song is called, Love Your Friends, Die Laughing by Man Overboard. It is the first song off their now out of print EP called, Hung Up On Nothing. The song is just a simple anthem/chant that features acoustic guitars, gang vocals, and claps. There is finally a little electric guitar adding some effects. I will tell you right now that if you are looking for a new song full of dance beats, cheap guitar riffs, and auto tune vocals you might want to keep on walking. However, if you are looking for a new pop punk band that is trying to incorporate the DIY mentality, have an earn your stripes mentality, write good songs and put on a good show: well then, you came to the right place.

For those interested, Man Overboard is a New Jersey based pop punk band. They have a various amount of releases such as EPs, splits, and collection albums in their back catalog. Their most recent release is their first true full length called, Real Talk on Run For Cover Records. Within the music scene they have drawn attention with their slogan: Defend Pop Punk. While there are some different takes on it, it essentially means that they are a bunch of hardcore punk kids that want to make punk music that has pop elements and they are defending their stance as some people in the punk and hardcore scenes think anything pop is wrong, etc. More recently, the slogan has taken on a new form from outsiders as Man Overboard, along with other bands have simultaneously (not intentionally) started a revival of true pop punk music reminiscent of bands like the Movielife, New Found Glory, Kid Dynamite, and many others that incorporates different styles of music and has a DIY mentality to it. Therefore, the Defend Pop Punk slogan has been used to signify that they are not trying to associate with the latest trendy band that is only a temporary fad. Enjoy the song and have a great weekend!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt