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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the work and school weeks are treating everybody well. I have to confess the song I am sharing today came out of nowhere for me. I originally planned on doing a hip hop song to fit with the fact that it is the end of the week and to give the genre some love. However, when I brushed the dust off a record I was really into in high school, everything changed. So without further ado…

Artist: Mae
Album: The Everglow
Song: Suspension

Today’s band, Mae is an altenative/pop/rock band from Virginia. The name stands for, Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience. The short of it was described by their drummer, Jacob that wanted to incorporate as many of the senses into their music as possible. There is theory aspect, but I am not diving into that. I am already writing way too much. They have released 3 albums and several EPs, including a project they started in 2009 that consists of three EPs: (M)orning, (A)fternoon, and (E)vening (see what they did there). While the first two installments have been released and are awesome (Fisherman’s Song), the final portion will be released on their upcoming fall tour, Goodbye, Goodnight. As you can tell, the name sounds like a final tour and that is unfortunately true. However, going along with the senses thing, the final EP will see a return to when the band released a limited number of compact discs that are scented. The last one they did smelled like an ocean and was pretty cool so I am anxious to see what they do this time!

The particular song I am sharing was the main single from their second album, The Everglow. Released in 2005, The Everglow is an alternative rock album that transcends similar style albums because of its story-like experience and great production (not too much, but not enough either). The album is a concept album for all tense and purposes, but plays like a more accessible rock album if that makes sense. The album centers around a male character that falls in and out love for the first time and his journey to find what he loves again and when does to maintain it. Really it’s a general story that is meant for the listener to apply the fine details with their own experiences. It keeps a good story-like theme by starting an ending with narration from an audio book where the song booklet, complete with tons of artwork and lyrics to follow while listening to get the senses involved. There are also various noises that you in the first track that signal you turn the page. While reading lyrics and listening to the album is not ground breaking, it’s their attention to detail that is.

The single, Suspension on its own is an alternative song that bands like Something Corporate, Anberlin, and Copeland would love to have as their own. But, the song also fits the context of the story very well giving it some fexibility. As the fourth overall track, but third story track (first track is narration) it is meant to capture the feeling of falling in love and overall walking on cloud 9. I think the upbeat vibe, inviting guitar riffs, and soaring chrous capture that feeling very well. Listening to this song you should be able to pickup what the track means and is trying to do pretty easily and you can see how they made a good stand-alone song and put it in a free flowing story. Unfortunately, this album had bad timing and was not as successful as it could have been. It still landed them a major deal with Capitol, but it is my opinion that if released at a different time, would have been much more successful.

As I mentioned, the band has been planning an amicable breakup for some time to do other musical projects and will be touring one last time. If you like what you hear, find a date and go support them on tour. They are taking an awesome group, the Terrible Things (Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, and Hot Rod Circuit members) with them. I will be going to the Akron, OH show and can only hope it is one of the few shows where they play the Everglow from start to finish! Take care and enjoy the tunes! Below is the Suspension music video!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt