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Less Than Jake

Look What Happened (The Last Time)

Song Of The Day

Today’s song comes from a tried and true ska band from Gainesville rock city. Less Than Jake has been at it for a while releasing several solid albums along the way. Aside from being a good band over the years, Less Than Jake finds other ways to stay involved with the music scene. The most prime example is from their drummer, Vinnie Fiorello. For all of you Fueled By Ramen fans, you can thank Vinnie as he is the founder and former owner. He left his spot with the label in 2006 after disagreeing with the direction they were heading. Instead of forcing his thoughts, they separated amicably. Bands like Jimmie Eat World, Fall Out Boy, and Piebald are some examples of bands he brought in. Since leaving FBR, Vinnie started the up and coming Paper + Plastic label that combines the arts of music and drawing. Vinnie’s new label has garnered quite a bit of recognition for good bands, artists, and a new model for doing things.

The song I have to share with you guys comes from their 2003 album, Anthem. The song is called, Look What Happened (The Last Time) and is the third and final version of the song they released on an album. I chose this song because it is an energetic and up beat song with lyrics almost anyone can find a way to relate to. I really enjoy bassist Roger Manganelli as a song writer and singer. Does LTJ reinvent the wheel when it comes to punk or ska music? Not really, but that is not the point. The do punk and ska music better than most bands around and it’s evident in their longevity. Lots of bands would kill for the ride they have had. Playing club shows, to opening for Bon Jovi on a stadium tour, to opening for Snoop Dogg on a tour, to playing almost any relevant festival LTJ has done it. From being on indie labels, to majors, to going DIY, LTJ has done it. Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!

PS: Don’t mind the lame video. I was trying to find the version from Anthem and this was the best quality I found. I didn’t even know there was a movie Grind…

Written by:
Michael Schmidt