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Oh Yoko

Song Of The Day

John Lennon’s song Oh Yoko is today’s song of the day in part because this month marked what would have been John’s 70 birthday, and in part because it is a wonderful song. Oh Yoko is the last track off of John’s indelibly marvelous album ‘Imagine.’ It’s a special song because its so loving – which isn’t uncommon for Sir Lennon – but that it is also just such playful and frolicsome. It is a song that he wrote for his love, Yoko Ono, and it seems to be a very personal song with a message just for her. However, the lighthearted affectionate nature of his adoring comments are completely universal for anyone who has been in love.

Basically, within this song John is telling Yoko of all the funny moments of the day when he is struck with his love for her – and has to declare it out loud. One particular line that is a favorite is, “In the middle of a shave, in the middle of a shave I call your name! Oh Yoko, Oh Yoko – my love will turn you on.” John talks about feeling love for his wife in the middle of a dream, in the middle of a cloud, in the middle of the night. It is clear that this means his love is endless, but instead of just saying something of that sort – he explains it in a childish manner that is clearly understood by all.

The song is a simple interaction between a steady acoustic guitar and a cavorting piano line, with very little progression aside from some (almost Dylan’esk) harmonica playing that is thrown in. It’s simple. It’s universal. It’s love put to music. It’s John Lennon.

Thank you for everything John – we still miss you, and your musical creations still help us walk through life.