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Today’s song of the day, Fire, comes from the band Kasabian, a band that has gathered quite a following across the pond, on their home-island known as Great Britain. Yet while state-side they haven’t completely flown under the radar, their lack of attention is at times puzzling – because they really have released some great albums. Some people deem their music as “alternative”, but that description really can be overly vague and frankly, antiquated. They are a rock band first, but are prone to incorporating hard-hitting beats into their songs, which infuse a substantial feeling of movement into their songs.

Fire is a song that starts with a more subdued walking-beat and flowery vocals, before quickly jumping into 2nd gear with a burst of drum energy that might make one’s feet move involuntary. Kasabian likes to use their vocals in simple ways that really draw the listener in and make them want to sing along, which is what the pleasantly chorused line of “I’m on Fire!” does in this song. The song ebbs and flows between high and low energy, so while the focus is undoubtedly the high energy – because it isn’t constant throughout the song it never “grows old.”

Fire was the first single off their most recent (and best) album, “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum,” and actually reached #3 on the UK Singles chart. So hey the Brits like it, you probably will also. At least its a great song to get you in that weekend mood…

Happy Thursday from OurVinyl! [get that weekend started now]