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Jump Right In

Song Of The Day

“Jump Right in” by the Urge is another personal favorite from my childhood. Featuring group members Steve Ewing, Karl Grable, Jerry Jost, Matt Kwaittowski, Todd Painter, John Pessoni, and Bill Reiter, The Urge is little known outside of their home city in St. Louis, Missouri.

Forming in 1987, The Urge combines the unique sounds of Ska, punk, funk, reggae, and hip hop. Originally signed to the small “Neat Guy” label in 1989, the Urge was promised to be headlining acts in 1996 after signing with “Immortal Records”. They teamed up with such larger acts as 311 to propel their debut album with the label to #134 on the charts. Sadly, never achieving fame the band took a 2 year hiatus in 2000 before breaking up for good in 2005.

The Urge’s biggest hit came as a collaboration with Nick Hexum of 311 who lent his voice to their best known song “Jump Right In”. Ewing claims that the song channels the anxiety one feels after having unprotected relations with a stranger.