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Joyful Girl

Song Of The Day

“Joyful Girl” is a song written by indie artist Ani Difranco and featured on her 1996 critically acclaimed album “Dilate”. Her honesty in lyrics makes her one of the best songwriters of all time.

Soulive is a jazz/funk trio originating from Woodstock, New York (go figure). They are known for seamlessly infusing jazz, jazz fusion, R&B, Funk, to collaborate into the jam band scene.

Finally, you add Grammy award winning powerhouse Dave Matthews (of the Dave Matthews Band) into the mix and you have yourself a great song. Notably, the song is written from a woman’s point of view and revolves around the feminine qualities, lifestyles, and common concerns. The biggest tribute to Joyful girl is that even though sung by a man, the lyrics remain in the feminine theme.

Enjoy this unique blend of Soulive’s 2002 album “Next”.