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I Only Know (What I Know Now)

Song Of The Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, when we remember those who have worn the uniform and sacrificed themselves for the safety of others. Regardless of your opinion of war in and of itself, or the current & past campaigns that America has taken, it would be callous to deny that the soldiers themselves still deserve our pause and reverence. So today’s song of the day is one in which pause & quiet reflection is palpably encouraged by the music. If you give it a chance and listen to the whole thing, this should become clear. Also, its just a wonderful piece of modern music.

The song is called I Only Know (What I Know Now), and it is from the young electronic artist James Blake. And while the music is technically “electronic”, its has a mellowness, spaciness and indifference to beat-structure that most people do not associate with the genre. It is a song that oozes emotion and asks you to listen closely, yet what you may come away thinking of is left to you. It will be a musical challenge for many, for at first glance it is quite esoteric, but not upon close listening. One of the best aspects of electronic music is that it is comprehensible to all. Electronic music is usually universal through employing the world-over language of dance. James Blake, however, is more interested in being all-inclusive through utilizing sentiment through sound. The hope is that it might give you a moment of positive contemplation.

Happy Veterans Day.