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Nas and Marley


Song Of The Day

What happens when you combine a deeply rooted & respected NYC rapper with a Jamaican musical prince/quick-rhyme-spitter? You get Nas & Damian Marley, who will be headlining Sunday at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival, happening this labor-day weekend. This track, Patience, is built around a simple – but solid – high hat based hip hop beat that is highlighted with some catchy-effected ¬†vocals. There is some cool cameo by piano and some interesting sounds bouncing throughout the stereo field, it’s a toe-tapper no doubt.

You can get a good feel of Damian’s undeniably Jamaican and urban lyrical approach, and Nas’ silky smooth passive-aggression on the mic, within this one song. It’s a combination that just works. Their styles are not similar but supplement each other well nonetheless. If you haven’t listened to this combo, do so now. If you already have, then just enjoy.

Happy Thursday everyone! Get that weekend started…