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Song Of The Day

Today’s song continues in the tradition of the quasi-pop/rock, quasi-electro movement that continues to morph, expand and build. Daniel Snaith is the mind behind Caribou, composing and arranging the music. He comes from the Canadian electronic scene, and has been a part of it for some time now. Yet while on tour he always plays with a live band (he likes to play drums, usually), and the show can lean more towards rock than electro at times. It depends on their mood, they are quite versatile.

This song, Odessa, comes from the album “Swim”. It is the first song on the album, and really is a great album-opening track. It’s part dance, part trance, but also mellow enough to listen to in a relaxed way. Notice the effected flutes dancing through the stereo field and great intricate organic percussion parts that emerge shortly. The music video reflects this feeling as it is quite trippy, but accomplished in a mature and relaxed manner. Enjoy your Thursday and enjoy Odessa!