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Song Of The Day

Song: Intervention
Band: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire has been everywhere this week… Almost every music website, magazine and critic has weighed in on their new album, The Suburbs. I haven’t had a chance to fully digest the album yet, but I can assure you that Arcade Fire puts on a great live show. I had the opportunity to see them in Boston last Sunday with a friend and it was one of the best concert experiences I’ve had this year. With no disrespect intended to my friend, the chance to see Arcade Fire play today’s Song of the Day may have been the biggest reason I traveled so far for a show. When I first heard Intervention a couple years ago, I was drawn in by the church organ introduction and once Win Butler started singing, I was hooked. I’ll be honest; I’m not sure I understand the meaning of all the lyrics, but the passion with which he sings them conveys his message on a very emotional level.

When I went through a bad break up, this song was on heavy rotation for months. The sense of loss that Win projected through his lyrics and his voice definitely resonated with me during that time. To end this article on a happy note, Arcade Fire did play Intervention about half way through their set on Sunday and it was one of many highlights from my vacation. Luckily, somebody caught it on video… Enjoy!

Written By:
Doug Hoelscher