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Inside Of You

Song Of The Day

Hey guys, Becca here, kicking off the “Song Of The Day” portion of the website! My pick for today’s song is The Maine’s song “Inside Of You” off their most recent album Black & White that dropped on July 13.

“Inside Of You” is the first single off the album and for good reason. This song was the first stepping stone in showing music critics and fans alike that Black & White was going to be a side of The Maine never seen before. Evidence that the band has matured in their sound is all present in this one song. The poppy guitar riffs once seen in Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop are substituted by more 80’s-inspired ones, but remain catchy nonetheless. Lead singer John O’Callaghan’s voice takes an edgier tone in the song which wholly contrasts to the sweet melodic vocals that he was previously known for. One final example is the lack of blatant sexual, tongue-in-cheek references in their lyrics. Instead of singing about getting the girl, or a girl that had done them or others wrong in some way (ex. The Way We Talk from their 2007 EP. The girl in said song is a portrayed as a tramp) they have evolved to writing about a new level of relationships.

While the line “I’m never going to be inside of you,” may sound like a sexual reference, I think it actually portrays more of the understanding that the guy will never truly discern what the girl is thinking and never be able to fully understand her. Then when he says “I’m never going to see inside of you,” it means that he’s trying his best to know the girl for who she really is but she’s not letting him. Instead of focusing on the hormonally driven parts of love, The Maine has decided to spotlight on the more complicated aspects of being in a relationship with someone which I believe unquestionably shows a growth in not only their music, but the guys themselves.

On a personal note, I just really enjoy this song. It is frequently playing on my iPod when I am driving around or in my room when I am just relaxing in solitude. The catchy music and lyrics  stick in my head for hours on end after only a few listens – not that I am complaining! So trust me and give it a listen. Hopefully you will not be disappointed.