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If You Keep Losing Sleep

Song Of The Day

Silverchair are often discounted as a flash in the pan that washed away after grunge’s heyday.  You might remember their hit Tomorrow that dropped in 1995. You couldn’t escape it then.

Now, unless you live in Australia, you probably don’t hear much of them anymore.  It’s unfortunate, I’d say, since I feel from the pool of bands that had success in the mid 90’s, Silverchair have perhaps matured and experimented the most since then.  Yes, Freakshow, the follow up to their debut Frogstomp, was a rehashing of grunge cliches.  But move on to Neon Ballroom, their 3rd release, and you hear some unique and tormented renditions of singer Daniel Johns’ inner turmoil.  From there, Diorama finds the trio experimenting with orchestration and more elaborate compositions with the help of Van Dyke Parks.  Their latest release, Young Modern, with the continued help of Parks, showcases a band that has truly grown over their years together.  Each album has a different production style, as well as songwriting and musical approaches.  It’s wonderfully apparent if you listen to their catalogue.

If You Keep Losing Sleep is off their latest, Young Modern (latest as in 2007), and features Johns’ usual quirky and off kilter lyrics.  Take a listen for yourself, and even if you don’t enjoy it, chances are you  may still find something interesting in their previous works.