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I Like The Ones

Song Of The Day

Hey guys! As many of you can tell from my previous articles, I am really into the pop punk/alternative scene of music. But today, I wanted to pick something that I have really been enjoying lately that doesn’t really fit into that category. My pick for Song Of The Day is the song “I Like The Ones” by singer/songwriter Austin Gibbs.

I found out about Austin Gibbs because he was the opening act for The Maine at a concert that I recently went too. I was surprised he was there since he doesn’t really fit into the same genre as The Maine and their other opening act, This Century. The only thing they really had in common was the fact they all hailed from Arizona and were under the same management. As skeptical as I was, he soon pushed my worries aside. Armed with only his guitar and harmonica, he soon swept us all off our feet in a whirlwind of acoustic chords and soulful rhythms.

The reason that I chose “I Like The Ones” is because it is one of his more upbeat songs and it has a fun, flirty message behind it.  Instead of taking time to lead into the high-spirited chords, he comes at you full force from the very beginning. The fast pace tempo mixed with the amusing lyrics provides the perfect mix to create a live audience sing-along. In no time the catchy chorus caught on and everyone in the venue was singing their hearts out along side of Gibbs.  As soon as I returned home, I got onto my iTunes and downloaded this song. It had over 30 plays before I decided to get some shut eye because I could not get enough of the infectious rhythm.

Gibbs is an entertainer in every sense of the word. He may not wear crazy costumes or put on outrageous shows like Lady Gaga, but he really knows how to get an audience up and moving along with him. He loves the interaction and makes it a main goal of his to have you enjoy what you’re hearing and to want more by the end of his time on stage. If you are a person who enjoys real blatant talent, then Gibbs is your man.