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Song Of The Day

Today’s Song of the Day is in honor of the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival, happening this weekend in Chicago. It is “Home” by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, who will be headlining the fest on Saturday. This song is simply just a lot of fun. And it is even more fun live, as this band has a way of sincerely interacting with their crowd in a manner few other bands can match. It begins with a toe-tapping beat and easy whistling and features a call-and-response singing style between the two lead vocalists in the band; Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos. The energy continually builds, until you are in the midst of sonic-celebration, anchored by wonderfully catchy lyrics all about “taking me home!”.

The song is a story about a couple’s love, so it is pretty universal, and the tune is melodious-catchy in a way that promises to have it get stuck in your head (in a good way). If you are in the Chicago-land area this weekend, you should be at this show, these guys are really something special on the stage!