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Hang on Sloopy

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Song of the Day: Hang on Sloopy

Made famous by The McCoys


Today’s song of the day is in honor of the Ohio State/Michigan game.  This has been an intense rivalry, particularly for the past four decades.  The rivalry began in 1918 and has been ranked one of the greatest rivalries in North American sports.  Though lately it hasn’t really even been a contest.

“Hang on Sloopy” has an interesting history—the most important part of it being that it is not only Ohio’s rock and roll song but the theme song of the Ohio State University.  This particular song was recorded by the McCoys in 1965 but it was also previously performed by various other artists—which include the Strangeloves, who the McCoys supported on a tour.

It was famously linked with Ohio State in 1965 when a member of the famous marching band begged his leader to listen to and play this song at a game.

It was written by Wes Farrell and Bert Russell and is named after lead singer, Dorothy Sloop, whose stage name at the time was “Sloopy”.

The origins of this song are a bit unclear after this, as pieces of the song were performed by multiple bands throughout the 60s before it was actually recorded as a single by the McCoys, who were formerly Rick and the Raiders.  The basic riff of the song was known as a staple in garage bands in the 60s.  It’s simple and catchy.

Take a listen—and remember to root for the Scarlett and Grey!