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Gym Class Heroes - The Papercut Chronicles

Taxi Driver

Song Of The Day

Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album: The Papercut Chronicles (2005)
Song: Taxi Driver
Label: Fueled by Ramen

Happy 2011, everybody! For today’s song I am reaching back into my high school days for a band I was a pretty big fan of back then. Gym Class Heroes had two albums (For the Kids and The Papercut Chronicles) that were really good because they were different and pushed boundaries. Even though the Roots were doing their thing, nobody was doing what Gym Class was doing. And that was taking hip hop music and putting it with real instruments that had a slight indie and alternative style. They also would sign with a then punk/alternative label (Fueled by Ramen) and tour and promote themselves with predominantly punk bands. It was different, but it worked. However, as the label grew more pop-oriented (not saying it was a bad thing) so did the band. They started getting away from the live band feel with their most recent two albums and have almost alienated the crowd the helped support them for many years. This is where I have a problem. I love they were courted by majors and eventually signed, but I thought they compromised their sound a bit in the process.

2011 is a fresh new year and the band is set to release a new album, that by all indications is a venture back to the live band style. Even though I actually really liked Travie McCoy’s solo album, I am pumped for Gym Class to get back to their sound. I think a solo side project is the best way for Travis to get the songs off his chest that would not work for the band. Therefore, I am looking at this record as a chance for old fans to gravitate back to a band that really had a unique thing going for a while. The song I chose is from their 2005 release and is called “Taxi Driver.” The song is pretty much a glorified freestyle dropping names of bands they are friends with or are fans of. However, there is a bit of a general storyline that adds a nice element. Enjoy!

*The video song quality is not good, but this is the only studio version I could find on Youtube.

Written by:
Michael Schmidt