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Song of the day: “Green”- Brendan James

Song Of The Day

Hiding behind the rich tones of a baby grand piano stretching a warm tenor voice is the talented Brendan James. The emotionally charged songs emit from his classically trained fingers. Although a talented musician, Brendan wants to focus primarily on the songwriting process. This focus can be heard loud and clear in the lyrics of his song “Green”.

Self taught at piano, James took a year off college to move to L.A. to see if he could make it as a songwriter. Eventually he moved to New York city where he worked at an Urban Outfitters by day and hopped from open mic to open mic by night. To gain rehearsal time on a real piano, James posed as a guest at hotels to sneak into ballrooms and practice piano; hence the name of his first E.P. “The Ballroom Break-in”.

Today’s song of the day is “Green” by Brendan James.