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Gone In September

Song Of The Day

The ever-evolving, fast pace music industry cranks out multi-platinum selling artists and hit singles faster than a speeding bullet. Within days or maybe even hours, these artists have their brand new songs playing through the speakers of not one, but thousands or millions of other listeners. The thing about mainstream tunes is the fact they all mesh into one stereotype. Presently though, one artist that has broken on to the mainstream circuit presents a unique sound and a personalized twist on his music. Mike Posner has not only taken the music world by storm with his hit single “Cooler Than Me” but has also had his first full length album rocket up the charts to capture the number one spot on iTunes top albums.

After producing various mixtapes from his college dorm at Duke University, Posner decided to take his artistic vision in a focused direction with his first LP by not recording any collaboration songs. 31 Minutes To Takeoff proved to be a success and showed Posner has what it takes to record a kickass album without the assistance of outside acts. For today’s song of the day, I chose the song “Gone In September”.

When taking a first listen, I wouldn’t guess the song belonged to Posner. The only real staple that led me to draw the conclusion that it really was him was his signature vocals. Posner’s voice possesses an airy quality that immediately attracts listeners due to the fact it isn’t like anything else they’ve ever heard before. Backing up Posner is an accompaniment of different instruments and computer generated beats. Starting the song off, very light guitar picking creates an entry while he begins the song and drums pick up near the chorus. The mixture between computer generated beats and actually instruments created a peppy backdrop for the voice track.

The song is very lighthearted with a bit of a disheartening message. From his previous mix tapes, I’m accustomed to hearing songs about drug dealing girls, evil women and different girls who are trying to get back with him now that he’s made the big time. The message in “Gone In September” is a surprising one to hear coming from him because it’s about how he did the screwing over rather than getting screwed himself. It’s a different view coming Posner and it was interesting to see how the tables had been turned in this song.

Even with the slightly discouraging message, the music remains to be catchy and infectious. Each song on the new album offers something completely different from the others and together they make an impressive collection of Posner’s creativity and musical ability. Be sure to check out the song and check out his music!