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Funky Tonight

Song Of The Day

Guaranteed to lift you out of a Monday funk (or into a FUNK for that matter), Today’s song of the day is John Butler Trio’s “Funky Tonight” from their 2007 album “Grand National”.

Under the lead of the band’s front man John Butler, the John Butler Trio began their grass roots foundation in 1999 as a heady electronic/jam band in Fremantle, Australia. The band recorded the album “Three” in 2001 which lead to their recognition in the US, leading to touring with acts such as the Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer as well as playing the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2002.

John Butler Trio has cycled through it’s musicians over the year with the most recent overturn in 2009. Butler sited his reasoning in the April 2004 edition of Australian Rolling stone by saying “Essentially what I learnt out of this process was, more so than ever, I’m the keeper of the music. I have the intuition and the foresight to pick the right players to my music. I’ve learned it’s not always about having the same players for five, six or 10 years, it’s having the right chemistry for these songs at this time.”

JB3 has been steadily touring for 12 years. Enjoy your daily dose of funk with John Butler Trio’s “Funky Tonight”