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Paul Van Dyk

For An Angel

Song Of The Day

Artist: Paul Van Dyk

Song: For An Angel

Album: Mass Movment

This next song of the day is another dance or trance track. Unlike the first Song Of The Day it’s not a remix. I’m not one to typically bounce around to Techno but, I can say this track got my attention. I think the last time I ragged to Techno was when “Sandstorm” came out by Darude and honestly, who doesn’t still want to move to that song!

While I was reading up on Paul, I noticed he has sold over 3 million albums. The artist was also nominated for a Grammy after producing Reflections. His album was recognized as one of the best Dance/Electronic albums of 2005. Something else that caught my attention is how busy Paul Van Dyk (or PvD) keeps himself.  The artist travels the world over 16 times a year. After all his hard work PvD was awarded the International Dance Music Award (IDMA) for Best Euro DJ.

He will definitely be one of the artists to see at The North Coast Music Festival over Labor Day weekend.