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My Father’s Son

Song Of The Day

Some of the most pure music that has been coming out lately lies in the form of stripped down acoustic rock and roll.  Acts such as Band of Horses, Josh Ritter, and Ryan Bingham are embracing the blues and old school country and creating music that is just down right fun to listen to.  Add the band Fistful of Mercy to the fold, and move them to the top of that list for the time being.

With veteran rocker Ben Harper being the most recognizable member of the band, and James Arthur providing backing vocals, it’s the son of international superstar George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, that shines in the group’s tune “My Father’s Son.”  Armed with nothing more than a few strings and some great voices, Fistful of Mercy makes a song that sounds more like it belongs on a bluegrass album than an alternative rock album.

The song has an eerie feeling to it if you really pay attention to the lyrics.  It becomes more obvious as the song goes on that it had to be written by Dhani Harrison.  The song is a very tragic song, and is told in much the same way that the Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was told.  A man loses a woman and slowly slips into a form of insanity and sadness.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and check out this entire album As I Call You Down.  In my opinion it is without a doubt the best album that has been released this year.  It is soothing yet depressing album.  It finds a way to grab you and hold you and your ears captive.  Getting it out of my CD player has proved to be nothing less than impossible.  So check out “My Father’s Son” and then go ahead and open iTunes and buy the damn thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Written By:

Mitch Inkrott