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Song Of The Day

Song: Fat
Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
Album: Even Worse (1988)

There are three universal regrets following Christmas: Spending too much money on presents,  rushing around and stressing out so much that you didn’t actually get to enjoy the holidays, and eating waaaay too much.  It’s this last regret that inspired today’s Song of the Day pick.

Weird Al’s Fat is the perfect dessert to follow a few days of over-indulgence.   At a minimum, it should make you feel slightly better because you surely didn’t get as big as the actors in the video in three days!  Maybe it will inspire you to dig your gym shoes out from the back of the closet and go for a run.  Or it could be a cautionary tale that keeps you from over-doing it while you’re watching college football on New Year’s Day.

No matter what your dietary plans for the new year, just remember the wise words spoken at the beginning of the song: Yo Ding Dong, man, Ding Dong Ding Dong, yo!