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Evil Boy

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If you prefer your dance music with a twist of the absurd, then the dark and quirky hip-hop genius of South Africa’s Die Antwoord will surely make your toes tap and your jaw drop. If you are a stranger to their hypnotically freakish music, than today’s pick is a great introduction to what is one of the strangest and most unique major-label acts in recent memory. Front man Ninja delivers his obscene multilingual rhymes with Eminem’s attitude and Ali G’s humor, while his nymphet sidekick Yolandi supplies the poppy hooks that make the songs creep into your brain, laying eggs that hatch into musical nightmares when you lay asleep at night.

Die Antwoord introduce a new cohort to their twisted inner circle, an eighteen year old African rapper named Wanga who is featured prominently on this song, crooning the hook and spitting verses about avoiding primal African circumcision. The track was produced by Diplo, a man whose credits include remixes for everyone from Madonna to Radiohead to The Dead Weather, as well as an on-again, off-again professional and romantic relationship with M.I.A., but “Evil Boy” stands as one of his most impressive original works.

Die Antwoord’s debut album comes out today on Interscope imprint Cherrytree Records, and although it is comprised mostly of songs that were already available on the free mixtape they posted on their website months ago, it is worth picking up for the three new tracks, “Evil Boy” included. It may not win them any Grammys, but it’s sure a lot of fun to look at. Sorry Lady Gaga, you’re run is over.