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Everyplace Is A House

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Song: Everyplace is a House
Band: Maps & Atlases
Album: Trees, Swallows, Houses (2007)

Opening acts rarely make or break a concert experience. If the opener is bad, you kick yourself for being a little early, have an extra drink or two and wait for the headliner. If they’re good, it’s just icing on the cake. I saw Maps & Atlases when they opened for Frightened Rabbit in Cincinnati and they were definitely a little present. I don’t remember a whole lot about their set, but I remember enjoying their passion and musical abilities.

This Chicago-based band’s sound has been classified as math rock, which is a genre I hadn’t heard of before. According to Wikipedia, math rock is complex and is characterized by atypical rhythmic structures. To me, the term evokes images of Bill Nye The Science Guy, Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, and Bill Gates dressed like Goths playing in an alt-rock trio.

“Everyplace is a House” is a great example of Maps & Atlases’ unique sound. They’re playing at the North Coast Music Festival on Labor Day weekend in Chicago so don’t forget that you could win free tickets to the festival by posting a comment on this article or any of the other Song of the Day pieces posted this week.