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Dying To Say This To You, The Sounds


Song Of The Day

The Sounds are a Swedish band, formed in 1999.  Fronted by highly ambitious lead singer, Maja Ivarsson, the band will be dropping their fourth studio album at the end of  March titled ‘Something to Die For.’

The Sounds boast a New Wave, 80s punk, alternative band style.  The band consists of 5 members: Maja on vocals and guitar, Felix Rodriguez on guitar, Jesper Anderberg on keybords, piano and guitar, Johan Bengtsson on bass and Fredrik Nilsson on drums.

Today’s song, Ego, is off the 2006 album ‘Dying to Say this To You’ with the first words being “I’ve been dying to say this to you.”  Ego.  It is what is driving most decisions—good or bad in a fast paced world.  A lot of relationships, though superficial to begin with do one of two things—turn into more than the surface or completely implode by “ego-driven” actions.  In the song, sleeping around in the same group of friends, lying about the relationships, attitude, fame and no regrets are commonplace.  “With empty words, our worlds collide.”  Is this not the beginning of most casual relationships?

Ego aside, the opening verse will make you feel bad ass—envisioning actually saying those direct lines and backing them up with the consequential actions.

Check it out: