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You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Song Of The Day

Often times cover songs leave much to be desired.  It’s as if the new sound of the song does nothing to capture the preferred tone of the original, as if the new artist fails at interpreting the original.  This is not one of those cases.  In 2001 the film I Am Sam was released which contained numerous Beatles references along with a seventeen-song soundtrack full of Beatles covers.  Eddie Vedder’s rendition of  “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” originally off of 1965’s Help! is an absolute jewel off of this soundtrack.

Since the late 1980s the world has been blessed with Vedder’s unique voice, which is a bluesy delight, but evokes emotions of sever depression at times.  Putting his voice to work on one of the Beatles most depressing and frustrating songs seems like the perfect fit, and it was.  This song almost seems completely natural for Vedder, and had he written it himself, it would have been a perfect addition to his album for the movie Into the Wild.  He keeps the pace of the song slow and steady as it was intended to be, but captures the anguish John Lennon was looking for when he wrote the song 36 years previously.  So sit back and enjoy a refreshingly well done cover combining two of this author’s favorite artists!

Written By:
Mitch Inkrott