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Song Of The Day

Once in a blue moon a band appears on the radar and just ‘gets it right’. You know that they started out purely because of the music. You know that if their songs never hit a top 40 chart that they would keep playing them. You know that if they never got a gig they would be practicing in someone’s basement trying to polish their sound. Paramore is this band.

Paramore is an American rock band that got its roots in Tennessee back in 2004. Their name derives from one of the original bassist’s mother’s maiden names, meaning “Secret Lover”. The band’s lead singer, Hayley Williams was originally signed to Atlantic Records in 2003 as a solo pop artist. After many debates, Williams refused to conform and insisted that she continue her musical pursuit in an alternative rock band.

Paramore really just strikes a chord with me (pun intended). Their songs are strong, their energy is high, and it seems like they can flawlessly express their songs as a full band on in an acoustic setting. Enjoy a special MTV acoustic performance of “Decode” off the re-release of their first record “Riot”.