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Song Of The Day

I really appreciate when artists are able to blend two different genres of music into one song so that’s why for my Song Of The Day I picked Lupe Fiasco’s song “Daydreamin’”.

Lupe Fiasco has been around for a couple of years now with singles such as “Shining Down”, “I Gotcha”, “Superstar” and he was even featured on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack with his song “Solar Midnite”. His songs are known for having extremely catchy and mind invading choruses which is no exception in “Daydreamin’”. With the assistance of soul and R&B singer Jill Scott, Lupe masters the blend of modern day rap and soul making the two genres sound like they actually belong together. The backing chorus  that accents Jill Scott’s performance give the song a real smooth, classic sound as well.

One thing that I really enjoy about Fiasco is that he is able to rap and he raps intelligently. Even though he mentions some of the things in this song that you might find present in a song by let’s say…Lil’ Wayne (you know what I’m talking about) he doesn’t do it for entertainment purposes. He uses the scenarios he is mentioning to explain the story he is trying to tell and the point he is trying to get across. This song isn’t about taking drugs or getting women, more as it is showing how the world nowadays is changing how people grow up and how different  the mindsets are (at least that is the way I interpret it due to the lyrics “Now cue the smoke machines and the simulated rain/But not too loud ’cause the baby’s sleepin/I wonder if it knows what the world is keepin/Up both sleeves while he lay there dreamin”).

If you like this song you may want to check out more of Lupe Fiasco’s work. He is performing at the North Coast Music Festival, so if you are going make sure to check him out!