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Come Back Down

Song Of The Day

You know those times when you start listening to a certain artist and then you can’t stop? For me, that has been the case for the past week. The only music that seems to be pouring through my speakers nowadays comes from the band Ivory who is no longer together. One thing I have noticed about their work is the stories told through the lyrics. Which is why for my Song Of The Day I chose their song “Come Back Down” off of their first full-length album Goodnight, Goodbye.

At first listen, I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics very much as I was getting a feel for the music as whole. The song really seemed to be calming yet spirited at the same time. It starts out with a soft acoustic guitar paired with the vocals of lead singer Nathaniel Moon. As it reaches the first chorus a backing of haunting vocals joins in to accent his already soothing voice. As the second chorus rolls around there is a burst of sound as the full band joins in. Drums, bass and piano all weave their way through the piece and create a powerful backing to the already emotionally powered chorus.

After I already had a taste for the music, I listened to the song again to get a taste for the message behind the lyrics. The song is the woeful story of a girl who lost her boyfriend and can’t seem to cope with it yet. Everyone tries to tell her she’ll be fine and life will go on, but she can’t get him out of her head. The chorus is a plea from Moon for the boy to come back down and be with her again so she won’t hurt anymore. The song is very personal as it was written about one of his friend’s sisters whose boyfriend had passed.

For me, the music matches the message of the song perfectly making it one of the most genuine and heartfelt songs I think I’ve ever heard. Even though the song‘s meaning is a sad one, it is still one that one is compelled to listen to on repeat. I don’t know whether it’s the music or the lyrics that keep you listening…or it might just be the fact this song made you feel something. And isn’t that what music is all about?