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City and Colour

I’m Comin’ Home

Song Of The Day

Artist: City and Colour
Album: Sometimes (2005)
Song: I’m Comin’ Home
Label: Dine Alone Records/Vagrant Records

Today’s song comes from up north in Canada by City and Colour. The side project from Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green, he has released two good, but different albums. It’s a much different style from his full-time band, which is more of a punk band. This is his outlet to try different styles and write songs that would not necessarily work for Alexisonfire. Moderately popular in the states, Dallas is pretty big in Canada as is Alexisonfire. It is pretty interesting because Dallas often performs big award shows or sells out arenas/amphitheaters  in his native land, but will then be a support act in the states. This happens for both City and Alexisonfire. As far as punk and hardcore music goes, you probably won’t find a better natural voice in the genre. Quite frankly, the man can sing and sing well. He has a very soothing and unforced delivery that makes listening to his solo project very enjoyable. Especially with these cold months upon us, now is the perfect time for City and Colour. The song, “I’m Comin’ Home” is about touring and the rigorous schedules many bands face, along with life away from your family. A very simple song that is not trying to do too much. It’s a very relaxing song, like many by City and Colour. Enjoy!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt