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Hot Mess

Song Of The Day

Chromeo recently released its 3rd studio album, and let’s just say it is just as creative and funky as their previous two releases.  The Montreal based band employs such a vast array of sound and wit that the music is like a blitz attack on your ears, and your feet.  The entire album sounds like something you would have heard in a movie that somehow combined the plots of Rocky and Scarface.

However, I’m only allowed to choose one of the album’s songs for the “Song of the Day.”  Today, I bestow this great honor on “Hot Mess,” which is the first track off Business Casual.  Funky and catchy is the best way to describe this track.  Using, what sounds like, a talk box and a synthesizer and seemingly nothing else, Chromeo creates a very poppy track that just begs you to dance to it.

As you all probably now know, I very into the lyrics of the music I put on here.  Well, this is the first song I’ve posted that I could essentially care less what the artists are saying.  To me it’s a dance track first and foremost and Chromeo had to add words because they know they cannot garner any fame in the instrumental electronica genre because Ratatat has the market cornered.  If you must know the lyrical content, it appears it is simply about a guy who seems to be falling out of love with some girl, and that’s really about it.

So, if you have the opportunity and are into the whole hipster electronica scene, Business Casual is definitely worth your time.  It reminds me of a cross between MGMT and Ratatat, which is a pretty solid comparison for the artist.

Written By:

Mitch Inkrott