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Mavis Staples, 2006

Christmas Vacation

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Mavis Staples, 2006

Christmas Vacation by Mavis Staples

December 25, for some, marks the birth of Jesus.  Christmas.  Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, here is a song that most will know from a movie that traditionally, regardless of faith or belief, most love.

Christmas Vacation was performed by the legendary gospel singer, Mavis Staples, for the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation soundtrack in 1989.  Staples began her career in 1950 with her family’s singing group, making their way through local churches in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois.  Her legendary voice has been sampled through her entire career by some of the biggest selling hip-hop artists, including Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Ice Cube and Ludacris.  She’s also recorded with many famous artists, from Bob Dylan to George Jones, to Natalie Merchant.

I’ve included my favorite clip from Christmas Vacation—feel free to share yours in the comments!

Our Vinyl wishes you and yours a Happy, Happy Christmas Day!