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Chip Tha Ripper

Club Rockin

Song Of The Day

Artist: Chip Tha Ripper feat. Akon
Album: Money Mixtape (DJ EV) (2007)
Song: Club Rockin’

Happy Friday, everybody! Long work weeks during the Q4 crunch and exams are coming to a close. That means it is time to let loose a bit and have some fun. Today’s song is a club bumper. It comes from Cleveland, OH rapper Chip Tha Ripper featuring Akon and DJ EV doing the beat. For those that are familiar with Chip know this an older song, but it still hits hard and has awesome one liners. Akon provides the catchy chorus, Chip drops his verses, and EV has the beat. This is a well done song that I only wish had a high quality version out there. There is only a mixtape version of this song that I know of so turn the volume up! Also, the song kind of cuts off at the end because it bleeds into the next song. Just a heads up. For those interested, Chip does a lot of collaborating with rappers like Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Cam’ Ron, Ray Cash, and many others. Most of his mixtapes are out there for free. He is working on his debut record set to drop sometime this year. Have great weekend!

Written by:
Michael Schmidt