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Damien Rice is an Irish singer/songwriter who first appeared on the American radar in early 2003. In Ireland, Rice was initially signed with 1990’s rock group “Jupiter” before the conflicting views of the label made him decide to pursue a solo career.

Rice uprooted his Irish roots and moved to Tuscany where he began to farm. “I thought I was going to be a farmer or something; I planted vegetables and whatever. But the music thing started coming back to me”, said Rice. “And so I went back to Ireland for a while.”( “The story of O”. Yahoo. Retrieved 12 September 2009 )

When he returned to Ireland, his grandmother gave him a newspaper article clipping about his cousin, David Arnold, who was a music producer. With Arnold, Rice recorded his first hit in 2001 entitled “The Blower’s Daughter”.

In February of 2002, Rice released his first album titled “O” which gathered great reviews from critics and fans. He only plays one guitar because he only “loves” the acoustic guitar that he owns. Once in a guitar magazine interview, Rice sited that in his early days, all he wanted to do was play lead guitar. He put down the guitar for a while, and when he came back to it, he found a more peace in strumming a chord.

Enjoy Rice’s most appraised single to date, “Cannonball”.