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Buzzin Remix

Song Of The Day

Sure, it takes talent to write and perform a song. But it also takes a large amount of talents to remix a song and make it sound just as good or even better. That’s why I have chosen to appreciate the talent and the effort of DJ Skeet Skeet by choosing his remix of “Buzzin’” by Shwayze as my song of the day.

Last fall I had the chance to see DJ Skeet Skeet perform live in a small venue called The Basement in Columbus, OH. He was a supporting act for Cobra Starship on their Hot Mess Across The US tour and took the stage before anyone else. At the beginning of his set everyone was standing still but by the end, everyone was dancing like they were at a night club, not a concert.

Out of all of his work, I chose the remix of “Buzzin’” because he took the song to a whole new level. Normally a relaxed song with a stress-free, beach feel, “Buzzin’” is a song one wouldn’t exactly…dance to. But after Skeet Skeet got his hands on it, the song transformed into a song people would be getting down to on their nights out. Keeping the dulcet chords from the guitar, Skeet Skeet added infectious beats and breakdowns. This makes the song more suitable to dance to rather than to listen to while relaxing in a hammock, and isn’t that a DJ’s job?

DJ Skeet Skeet will be performing at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago along with acts such as The Chemical Brothers, Lupe Fiasco and more. So be sure to check him out if you are going!