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Stop Wondering

Song Of The Day

You may have heard of April Smith and the Great Picture Show and not even known it; their song “Terrible Things” is prominently featured in the Weeds Season 6 trailer. While that song is great in it’s own right, today’s Song of the Day is “Stop Wondering”, which has the potential to become this generation’s “You’re So Vain” even though it sounds like it‘s from your grandma‘s generation.

Clearly, a guy from April’s past wronged her and instead of crying and hoping he comes back, she set out and wrote a 2 minute ode to “screw you”. With her big voice and sassy delivery of lyrics like ‘If you ever wonder if I’m thinking of you / Well, I’m not, so you can stop wondering’, you can’t help but feel that April came out the winner in this failed relationship.

Written By:
Douglas S. Hoelscher