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Song Of The Day

Artist: Cassino (Yes, it is spelled with two S’s like that)

Album: Kingprince (2009)

Song: Amelia

For anyone that knows me here (Hey, Reuther!) knows that I typically listen to up-tempo and high energy music. Therefore, Fridays will be a good day for me to post songs for you all and at the very least get you ready for a good weekend. However, the first post from me is a bit different and kind of a curve ball. The song I have today is called, “Amelia” by a band, Cassino from Nashville, Tennessee. The band for the most part consists of Nick Torres and Edward Puckett along with a revolving door of studio and touring musicians. I found about Cassino because Nick used to be the front man of one of my favorite bands in high school called, Northstar (still listen to Pollyana regularly). While the style of the two projects is vastly different the one similarity is Nick’s writing ability. It has been an interesting journey watching the changes in Nick’s music while still seeing the writing style that initially attracted me to his music in high school. The music style in Cassino is primarily stripped down acoustic folk with elements of country. Reuther, you will be pleased to hear that the harmonica makes many appearances throughout their records!

The song Amelia is one of my favorite songs by the band because it is a simple song that just relaxes me. The music consists of a catchy rhythm and good lyrics. As the song progresses more strings and maracas come in, but I really enjoy the simplicity because I think too often today we see musicians trying to do too much. I know stuff I listen to has elements of that and at times it can be overwhelming to discern everything. Therefore, Cassino is a very refreshing alternative that if you have an open mind to music and actively listen I think there is something for most people to appreciate. However, my main motive in posting the song was because in a music industry that is heading in an interesting direction, I wanted to promote an artist (in every sense of the word) that does things the right way, but it is ultimately overshadowed by the glitz and glamour groups that are here today and gone tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy and have a good weekend!

Written By:
Michael J Schmidt