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“All You Need is Love” Beatles (V-day Special)

Song Of The Day

Song: “All you need is love”

Artist: The Beatles

In an industry that 95% of generated creativity comes from the same idea (love), there was one band that said it best: The Beatles.

The concept of the song was born out of a request to bring a song that was going to be understood by people of all nations. The writing began in late May of 1967, with John and Paul working on separate songs. It was decided that John’s “All You Need Is Love” was the better choice because of its easy to understand message of love and peace. The song was easy to play, the words easy to remember and it encompassed the feeling of the world’s youth during that period. Also, an interesting note, it was the first thing to ever be broadcast all around the world, 400 million people tuned in.
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