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A few months ago, a former highschool classmate contacted me out of the blue to see if I would be willing to open for a national touring act. Not being able to turn down any gig that allows me my original songs, I gladly accepted. The first thing on my agenda was to find this music on the internet to see what I got myself in to. When I first heard Mighty Kate (www.mightykate.com), I was absolutely floored by the level of professionalism and quality of music.  Rather than donate a percentage of the album to itunes, I figured it would be best to wait until the show so I could buy the album directly form her (which she ended up giving me 2 for the price of 1).

Kate Pfaffl, aka Mighty Kate, intimidated me beyond words when I heard the sound check. Katy was practicing a duet with Jody Shelton that was written just 3 days before. This song was so solid from the first note through the outro that I still have a hard time believing I was hearing it for the first time live.

I wish I knew more about Mighty Kate, however, she’s the kind of artist that www.Ourvinyl.com was created for! Mighty Kate is in her mid 30’s with a passion for music and a day job. She works in New York 3 weeks out of the month and uses that money to finance her tours for the 4th week. I can honestly say that she was one of the most friendly, encouraging, and down to earth musicians I have ever met. In a world of musicians that are always trying to play harder and louder than the other guy, Mighty Kate is a breath of fresh air.

Here is one my favorite Mighty Kate song, called “200 Stories”.