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Somethingalamode’s “Pt.5” of 28.18 Moment

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is part 5 (of 5), or somethingalamode’s wonderful EP 28.18 Moment. And really, in some way, we do somethingalamode – and your ears – a slight disservice in that we only present to you the fifth part of an EP that is best understood in whole. But “Pt. 5” shows off what makes this EP so intriguing. In short, it is electronic – very adroitly produced electronic music – that features classical string and pianos.

So give it a minute, let the strings emerge, they aren’t present right away. There are a few pieces from a cello and violin that repeatedly emerge and then sink again throughout the movement. The strings hold down the emotional aspect of the song, the beats then give structure. But the beat is pretty complex and magnetic on it’s own. It’s simple, simply marvelous.


28.18 Moment, Pt. 5 by laguna3