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solid gold synchronize

Solid Gold’s “Synchronize”

Song Of The Day

Rejoice, it’s Friday! To celebrate this wonderful weekly occasion we’ll need some tunes that lend themselves toward amusement and energy. What better way to start than with the help of the electro rock band Solid Gold from Minneapolis? This is their track Synchronize, which is off of their EP of the same name. A wah’ing synth introduces the song, before a grizzly synth jumps in and bridges the listener to the aggressive beat – which all of a sudden is pounding. The vocals are soaring, both naturally and through effects. There is a darkness to the sound, some undertones of mystery – but like everything else they play – it comes off in a shiny and impressive way, like some polished black marble.

But all that probably isn’t what’s important to you at this moment. You just need something that’s fun and boisterous to end out week with! Enjoy.

Solid Gold’s Synchronize