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SoftSpot’s EP “Nous”

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The Brooklyn New York based trio, SoftSpot leaves nothing to disappoint. On their three track EP “N O U S”, this bands seems to accomplish more in three simple tracks than many of the today’s over bloated chart topping artists can manage in an entire album.

The first track on the EP is a song called “Holy Father”, a very powerful and dramatic track that manages to catch you and bring you into the world of the band.  Starting with a slow rhythm and gradually building to a climax, the song is an excellent beginning to the EP.

The general sound of the music is somewhere between dreamy and almost eerie, very reminiscent of Julee Cruise and her time spent recording with David Lynch circa the Twin Peaks years. In lead singer, Sarah Kinlaw’s voice there are hints of not just Cruise, but Sioxsee Sioux, Mazzy Starr and even a touch of Bjork, she has an airy quality in that you don’t hear every day.

Add to the amazing vocals on the EP you also have the simple rhythms of the drums and guitar, a sound that can only described as something between a modern folk with maybe an influence of the Brit Pop sound of the mid to late 90’s, like James.

“N O U S” is three very simple and straight forward tracks.  And it is in those three simple tracks lies a smoldering work that makes anyone who gives it a listen left wondering if the unsigned band will emerge with a full length in the near future.

Written by Christina Lawler

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