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slow club christmas tv

Slow Club’s “Christmas TV”

Song Of The Day

Slow Club are one of the many two piece bands seen in and around the music industry these days. Forming in 2006, the UK based indie-pop/folk-rock duo has released two albums, ‘Yeah So’ being their first, released in July 2009. Represented by Moshi Moshi, Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor create a light yet emotive sound together, both sporting melodic vocals.

“Christmas TV” is a perfect testament to how Slow Club can make a heavy hearted lyric into something heart warming. Although it’s a song voicing the woes of being apart at Christmas, “Christmas TV” is a relatable song all year round. The acoustic sounds of the guitars and subtle use of other smaller instruments throughout the song created a perfect backing to the bands harmonious and earnest vocals. A song full of hope, “Christmas TV” is a perfect song to relax into, whether in the winter or on one of these hot summers days.



Written by:
Rhiannon Drew | Our Vinyl Contributor